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Finings & Nutrients

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  1. Isinglass

    Isinglass Yeast finings (30g)

    Purified isinglass finings agent consisting of collagen produced from the traditional source, fish swim bladders. Used as a processing aid to flocculate yeast and protein in the manufacture of beer and wine. Beer - Dose rate will be the region 15 -35 ppm of beer(so 1/4 teaspoon per 25L batch). Wine - White wine fining, as colour loss may be associated with treatment of red wine. Dose rate will be the region 5 -10 ppm of wine. Storage: Store in cool, dry conditions (2oC - 10oC). Learn More
  2. Lallmand FermaidK yeast nutriant

    Masterferm yeast nutrient

    To foster the rapid and efficient growth of the inoculated yeast in the fermentation medium, Lalvin Fermaid provides important nutrients and biological factors such as: Usable nitrogen Thiamin, folic acid, niacin and calcium pantothenate Yeast hulls (lipids) For normal winemaking applications, the recommended addition rate of Fermaid K is 5 grams per 20 liters. For optimal results, 2.5 grams of the Fermaid K should be suspended in the 20 liters of wort just after adding your yeast culture to the wort, then add the balance of 2.5 grams of Fermaid K anytime between 1/3 and 1/2 way through the fermentation. Learn More
  3. Irish Moss - (Carageenen)

    Irish Moss - (Carageenen) - 30g

    This is the actual irish moss made from seawead. Use 1 teaspoon per 50L Learn More
  4. Servomyces Yeast Nutrient

    Developed by a team of scientists at Munich University and Weihenstephan in conjunction with Lallemand, Servomyces is the most unique yeast nutrient available in brewing. The patented product is a biological substance produced without chemicals or additives. Servomyces is so natural, it is approved for brewing within Germany under the Reinheitsgebot brewing laws. Through its specialized properties, Servomyces improves yeast’s ability to incorporate essential nutrients, especially zinc, into its cellular structure. Tested in breweries around the world, Servomyces has been proven to: * Cut down on fermentation time, improving process efficiency * Increase flocculation * Greatly reduce harsh sulphur notes * Improve the health and viability of yeast * Reduce levels of diacetyl at the end of primary fermentation * Produce faster, more complete attenuations * Increase yeast production for a better harvest * Improve the quality of the finished product Servomyces is also available in 500 gram packages and 10 gram sachets for professional use. Learn More

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  5. Dried valencia orange peel (100g)

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