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Fermentation & Measurement

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  1. Glass Hydrometer

    Glass Hydrometer

    The Hydrometer is used the measure the Specific gravity of your beer, below is the formula for working out the % of Alcohol using the hydrometer: OG = Original Gravity FG = Final Gravity % Alc. = OG - FG + 0.5 7.46 If your OG, just before you add the yeast is 10.46 if your FG, after 7 days or so of brewing is 10.09, the e.g. shows the outcome below: 1046 - 1009 + 0.5 = 5.5 % Alcohol 7.46 Learn More
  2. Magnetic Stir plate (FULLY IMPORTED)

    Magnetic Stir plate (IMPORTED) (PRE ORDER)

    This new stir plate will fit up to a 5000ml flask. Features a pH probe holder. Stir plate features an on/off switch as well as a speed control dial, and a screw-in fuse in the back. Standard 110V power. 1 year warranty. We replace the 110V transformer with a South African 220V to 12V transformer Learn More

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  3. Diffusion Stone - 2 Micron Oxygen Stone

    Diffusion Stone - 2 Micron Oxygen Stone

    Use this 2 micron oxygen stone with an oxygen source or aeration pump to provide your yeast with oxygen pre-fermentation. The barb is 1/4" OD. (Note: if you are using an aeration pump, we recommend a "deep water" type for aquariums, as these will have the necessary PSI to force the air through the stone and into the wort) Sanitizing your Diffusion Stone: To properly sanitize your stones, we recommend you run it in a sanitized solution for 5 minutes. If the stone becomes clogged we recommend boiling the stone for 1-3 minutes to help break down anything within it. If boiling is not an option, we recommend soaking in Star San, which will remove a majority of surface contamination/bacteria, but will not sanitize the interior of the stone which may or may not be contaminated. Learn More

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  4. Rubber stopper for carboy
  5. Weldless dial thermometer

    Weldless dial thermometer

    The Weldless Thermometer has a 15 cm probe, making it ideal for use in your mash tun. The 15 cm stem is positioned more towards the middle of the mash, giving the thermometer probe more area to read the temperatures from. Learn More
  6. STC-1000 Microcomputer Temp controller

    STC-1000 Microcomputer Temp controller

    Control fermentation temperatures by connecting the temperature controller to a fridge/ freezer (and heating pad/belt if you have one). This is a two stage controller that will turn on a heating or cooling, whichever is needed. Place the temperature probe directly on the side of your fermenter, set the desired temperature on the controller and the thermostat will regulate the temperature by either switching the fridge/freezer on or of, or by activating a heating pad/belt if you have one. Features Temperature measuring range: -50 to 99 oC 2. Accuracy: ±1oC Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz Sensor: NTC sensor (1PC); Learn More
  7. Servomyces Yeast Nutrient

    Developed by a team of scientists at Munich University and Weihenstephan in conjunction with Lallemand, Servomyces is the most unique yeast nutrient available in brewing. The patented product is a biological substance produced without chemicals or additives. Servomyces is so natural, it is approved for brewing within Germany under the Reinheitsgebot brewing laws. Through its specialized properties, Servomyces improves yeast’s ability to incorporate essential nutrients, especially zinc, into its cellular structure. Tested in breweries around the world, Servomyces has been proven to: * Cut down on fermentation time, improving process efficiency * Increase flocculation * Greatly reduce harsh sulphur notes * Improve the health and viability of yeast * Reduce levels of diacetyl at the end of primary fermentation * Produce faster, more complete attenuations * Increase yeast production for a better harvest * Improve the quality of the finished product Servomyces is also available in 500 gram packages and 10 gram sachets for professional use. Learn More

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  8. 300L fermenter with stand (pre order)

    300L fermenter with stand (pre order)

    300L plastic fermenter with stand and ball valves Learn More
  9. 19L PET carboy for home brewing

    This is a grade 1 PET carboy for brewing in. it does not breath or leach into the beer. Perfect for ales and meads Learn More
  10. 10L oak barrel (PRE ORDER)

    10L oak barrel (PRE ORDER)

    this is a nice barrel for aging beer or whisky in Learn More
  11. 25 Litre Fermentation Bucket

    This is a 25 L food grade bucket that we have been using as a fermenter for over 8 years Learn More
  12. 80L conicle fermenter stand extra (pre order)

    80L conicle fermenter stand extra (pre order)

    80L plastic fermenter with ball valves you can choose if you want a stand extra Learn More
  13. Fast ferment fermenter

    Fast ferment fermenter

    Easy cleaning 15cm removable screw cap 30L Easy wall mount system. Ball valve collection ball for easy yeast removal. thermo-well for an additional thermometer HDPE food grade plastic Learn More
  14. Fast ferment yest collection bottle

    Fast ferment yest collection bottle

    this screws onto the fast ferment to collect your yeast Learn More
  15. Fast ferment thermometer

    This thermometer can be used on the fast ferment fermenter, but it has a standard 15mm thread so can work on any fermenter Learn More

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