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Brewery equipment

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  1. Beer Syphon hose (per meter)

    Beer Syphon hose 12mm (per meter)

    This is a clear hose that you can se to syphon beer to bottles or from one bucket to another. Learn More
  2. 20L Braumeister

    The fully automatic control system brews with preset or your own individual recipes. The time and temperature are precisely maintained through all brewing phases. In contrast to the cumbersome equipment of some other hobby brewers, the Braumeister does not need to be stirred all the time. Thanks to the patented malt pipe technology, the wort is circulated gently and conveniently. Nothing can burn on and nothing needs to be racked during the brewing phases. Made of stainless steel Quantity: 20 l of finished beer (normal beer) = approx. 25 l of wort Max. malt quantity 6 kg Beer to suit your taste Whether you prefer wheat beer, Maerzen or Altbier: all kinds of beers can be brewed with the Braumeister. You will certainly taste the difference in quality between your own beer and indistinguishable, mass-produced beers. But be careful: Anyone who has ever got the taste, will care no more for commercial brews that all taste the same. After this you won't want to do without natural brewing without pasteurizing, good ingredients and leaving out chemical additives Technical details Heating coil: 2,000 W output Pump: 9 W Power supply connection: 230 V (fuse protection min. 10 Amp.) Control system: fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump) Max. malt quantity: 6 kg Learn More
  3. Fast rack 12 bottle tray

    Fast rack 12 bottle tray

    this is the tray for the fast rack Learn More
  4. Fast Rack 12 beer bottle rack wine or 750 quorts

    takes 12 bottles and is stackable this works better for 440ml and 750ml beer bottles Learn More
  5. Fast ferment stand

    This is a metal stand for the fast ferment if you do not want to mount it to a wall. Learn More
  6. Fast ferment thermometer

    This thermometer can be used on the fast ferment fermenter, but it has a standard 15mm thread so can work on any fermenter Learn More
  7. Fast rack tray

    Fast rack tray

    this is the tray for the fast rack Learn More
  8. Fast Rack 24 beer bottle rack

    Fast Rack 24 beer bottle rack

    takes 24 bottles and is stackable Learn More
  9. Four ring gas burner & Regulator

    Four ring gas burner & Regulator

    This is a great burner to get your boil going quickly it includes a high pressure regulator. Learn More

    Regular Price: R2,100.00

    Special Price R1,850.00

  10. Grain Father with chiller (PRE ORDER)

    Grain Father with chiller (PRE ORDER)

    The Best All in One Brewing System! The Grainfather takes the best brewing practices from craft breweries and puts them into a simple to use, all in one home brewing system to ensure anyone can brew a professional craft beer at home, no matter their brewing experience. The GrainFather All-in-One Brewing System includes: Stainless Steel GrainFather Counter-Flow Wort Chiller Stainless Steel Paddle Optional extra’s Sparge water boiler For making great whiskey from home you must consider the Copper Alembic Dome & Copper Condenser Learn More
  11. transfer pump

    transfer pump

    This is a nice little washing machine pump. I have been using them for years and they work really well. also handles heat very well. Learn More
  12. 1/2" SS weldless fitting

    1/2" SS weldless fitting with food grade silicon gasket. Learn More
  13. 75L HLT / boiler with dial thermometer

    75L HLT / boiler with dial thermometer

    This is a non electric stainless steel urn, great for bigger brews Learn More
  14. 45L Boiler /HLT with Dial thermometer

    45L Boiler /HLT with Dial thermometer

    This is a boiler for a gas burner, easily boil 45 with this bad boy. Learn More

    Regular Price: R3,460.00

    Special Price R2,600.00

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